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There are four ways you can talk to an Official Visitor

Official Visitors visit all public and private inpatient mental health facilities every month. We also visit declared community mental health facilities every 6 months. You can find out when the next visit is scheduled by asking staff or by calling the Official Visitors Phoneline on 1800 208 218.
If you are at a mental health facility, you can leave a written note in the Official Visitors Box. Boxes are locked and only accessed by Official Visitors during their visit to the service. If you'd like a response to your note, make sure you leave your contact details.
You can call the Official Visitors phoneline number on 1800 208 218 from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. This number is toll-free if you are calling within NSW. An answering service will take your message and an Official Visitor will call you back within two business days.
You can email the Official Visitors Program any time at and you will receive a response during business hours.